Justin Robinett Music

Born This Way Cover

E.T. / Waiting for the End cover

We have an annoucement….

WE HAVE A NEW ALBUM ON ITUNES!!!!(no, we don’t have a baby)

I decided to go back to the basics and film a song with just a camera. I hope you enjoy! 

My Brand New Pearl Reference Kit!

Patric Johnston and Justin Robinett’s Cover of Maroon 5’s “Stutter”. 
Filmed and Directed By: Adam Paul Stone
Recorded and Mixed By: Justin Robinett

Mike and I finally got some time to do a video. We hope you enjoy :)

Pat and I decided it was time to show the world what we can do :) We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more videos from this new duo at www.youtube.com/user/justinrobinettmusic

Simplistic Duplexity Photoshoot